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Acorn woodpecker

Acorn Woodpecker 5/11/22(more pictures coming)

Rock Pigeon

Jan. 26, 2021 Rock Dove

A couple of these were out in our front yard a bit ago looking

for insects or worms to eat. I hadn't seen them before so caught

a few shots of them.

more at this link



It’s Turkey Time!

From my front yard, I just heard a clatter,
sprang up from my couch to see what was the matter.

Lo and behold on the new growing clover,
there appeared a bevy of turkeys looking it over.

They pecked, and then they dug,
so hungry were they, looking for bugs.

wild turkeys, southern oregon

Then to the roof they flew, no sleigh to be seen
just enjoying the warmth and checking the scene.

I called them by name, to see why they're here,
no answer they gave as I interrupted their sphere.

wild turkeys, southern oregon

Off they then flew, one by one taking flight,
spied another green pasture with insects to bite.


Kay Ekwall 11/19/20


New: Wild Turkeys in Southern Oregon Video

Flying High Video


sparrows with Wine Colored Heads

House Finch

red breasted robin

A sign of Spring -The Red Breasted Robin/Turdus Migratorius

More Robin shots

Red-Winged Blackbird

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Slideshows of some of our feathered friends

California Quail

Eurasian Collared Dove

Canadian Geese

Great Blue Heron

Great White Egret

Sea Gulls


Hummingbirds Group 2


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Birds in the News

Tailorbird nesting story at Ronit Vasani youtube channel



Scientist Takes First-Ever Photo of Rare Bird, Then Kills It in the Name of Science

When Chris Filardi, director of Pacific Programs at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, was finally holding the elusive Guadalcanal moustached kingfisher, he told Slate writer Rachel Gross, it was like finding a unicorn....

The team snapped the first-ever photos of the remarkably photogenic bird and made the first-ever recordings of a male variety of the species (a female was described back in the 1920s).

Then the team killed it.

rest of the article at the ink.....


Massive seabird die-off lines Whittier beaches with carcasses

Thousands of dead common murres are washing up on the beaches of Whittier, an unprecedented die-off that has scientists wondering how many more thousands remain uncounted throughout Prince William Sound. 

A recently retired federal biologist doing beach surveys in Whittier over the weekend estimated there were more than 7,800 dead murres along a little over a mile of beach. That’s nearly five dead birds per meter of beach, officials say....rest if the article at the link


Due to the movie "Concussion' more people are aware that the human head and brain were not designed/evolved to be able to withstand constand head blows. Here is an article which explains why woodpeckers heads are able to handle constant hammering.


"Woodpeckers hit their heads up to 20 times a second. But muscles, bones and an extra eyelid protect their small bird brains.

Strong, dense muscles in the bird's neck give it strength to repeatedly thump its head. But it is extra muscles in the skull that keep the bird from getting hurt. These muscles act like a protective helmet for the brain."

- See more at this link



The odd story of a crow that meddled in a crime scene — by stealing a knife


Newfound Galapagos Bird Species Already Went Extinct


What Hapens To Birds Caught In Hurricanes Like Matthew?

The Origins of Hummingbirds Are Still a Major Mystery


Illinois Valley Community Radio 105.7 FM http://www.KXCJ.org

http://kxcj.org/schedule/ with birdnotes


Potoo , poor-me-one ( Nyctibius griseus ) - The master of camouflage


Rare sighting of summer tanager in San Francisco draws urban bird-watchers



Sedna, Goddess of the Sea

Sedna, Goddess of the Sea......For Sale
and check out slideshow



Photographs by Kay Ekwall and JP Ekwall

Josephine County, Southern Oregon



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